Well I’m almost two weeks into my trip now and I have to say that it’s been long and heavy going. 👿 Even the weather is a little depressing now, even though (or maybe because ❗ ) it does remind me of home (the bad things though, not the good things ❗ ) It’s turned a lot cooler of late and the last couple of days it’s rained a lot too. I’m sure it didn’t say anything in the contract about that ❗ We are just about at the end of one phase of the job, the phase that we’ve had a lot to do with, so we’re building up to our big finale, “all’s well that ends . ” To quote another very over used cliché, this job has been very much a “Learning curve”. We’ve had more that our share of problems, but there has been some firsts for us, and others! This project has involved the deepest water depth of any composite control umbilical installation, at over 2200 meters (7200 feet) water depth. Combined with that there was the technical challenge of how little force we could apply to the umbilicals, while still holding a weight of almost 60 tonnes. The rest of this trip will be the demobilisation of some of our equipment and then onto catching up with our maintenance regime and some light project support tasks, and of course, the ever-present paper-work 👿

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