We had a crew change on wednesday, so there were some more new faces on-board, bringing with them much welcomed newspapers. The arrival of new faces always brings a little lift to things, especially when it also lets you know that you are well and truly on the “downward” part of your trip. Starting to think about all the on-going things that I have to get wrapped up before the end of the trip. The next big thing on a personal level will be the detailed planning of my “homeward” trip, especially as it’ll be a new experience for me. Instead of returning to the UK, I’ll be staying in the US for a little while longer, heading off up north to Michigan. the plan is to take the Greyhound bus, travel up to Chicago, then around lake Michigan to Grand Rapids. There, of course, I’ll meet my good lady wife, who hopefully (I think ❗ ❓ ❗ ) by the time I get there will have “shopped-til-she-dropped” which MAY ease some of the store work for me 😆 (only kidding honey) Then we can concentrate on making up for lost time, back in our favourite motel room 😈 It’ll be a time for us to get caught up with old friends, and be able to surprise a few too. I’m sure Dazzle is looking forward to the surprise bit. Maybe, we’ll also get the chance to meet some new friends as well. I’m looking forward to this visit, not only for meeting people, but also for Dazzle to be back in Michigan for a while as I know she misses it so.

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