It’s late on Tuesday night here, and I’m trying to get some last few things caught up with before my crew-change tomorrow. There’s been a change of plan there too. The guys that are arriving in New Orleans tonight are not getting a night in the hotel and a helicopter tomorrow. They’re being picked up and taken to the port where they will be on a supply boat leaving at midnight. They should be here around lunch time tomorrow and we will be changing out by basket transfer. Good job I haven’t annoyed the crane driver this trip! After we get transferred across to the supply boat we will be sailing into Fourchon where there should be someone waiting to drive us up to New Orleans. We, on the other hand WILL be getting a night in the hotel, before our onward travel on Thursday. I haven’t made up my mind yet, what time I’ll get the bus on Thursday. I think it’s going to depend on how late we get to New Orleans and how much time I can get in bed. I’ve got the choice of 12:30pm or 5:25pm and they get me to Grand Rapids at 7:55pm or 9:45pm respectively. The leaving at 5:25pm is more appealing, but I would prefer to arrive in GR at the earlier time. I guess I don’t have to decide yet, as long as I can call Dazzle before I leave so that she knows when to expect me! It’s been really busy today, with lots of stuff to get wrapped up before I leave. I’m just about there, but I should have a couple of hours in the morning to polish things off. Sooo looking forward to getting off, and in particular, to seeing Dazzle again. 😈

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