I’m now back on the boat in the Gulf of Mexico. Hard to believe that my first week is almost in ❗ Time has really flown, it seems like only yesterday that I left the boat last time and here I am back again for a week after three and a half weeks at home. I’m finding it difficult to comprehend that this time last year was when we started the first trip down to Brazil. Where did the year go ❓ ❓ ❓ I thought after the last trip, I’d seen the back of all the problems for the project that the ship is on at the moment, but alas, it was not to be 😥 Still we carry on and do our best. In the words of one of my more articulate colleagues “we don’t do ‘problems’, we only do ‘solutions'” 😆 The weather is a lot more tolerable that last trip, nice and warm and sunny, not as overwhelmingly hot and humid. So at least we can try to look on the bright side 😆 Dazzle has had lots of excitement since I left 😯 (as those of you who read her journal will know) what with her glamourous jet-setting and photo-shoot. I’ve had fun telling some of the guys about “my wife, the cover model” 😈

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