Yet again I see how true it is that time flies when you’re having fun ❗ 😆 This leave must really be wearing on, as today I received my travel details for going away again, even though it is almost a week away 😯 The good thing is that the company have agreed to arrange my home-ward travel (now, that really IS a long way off ❗ ) from Grand Rapids. This is brilliant, as it means that I’ll be able to join Dazzle and her family for thanksgiving and the company are effectively paying for my flights 😉 All I will have to do is get a bus from New Orleans, when I get off the boat, up to Grand Rapids. The journey will take almost a day and a half, but I’m looking forward to seeing some of the country on my travels. We’ve been busy again this week with the DIY. The master bedroom woodwork is now completely stripped, sanded and varnished (we did have to take the door of it’s hinges to get it done properly, but it’s back on now.) I’m now ready to get started with the built-in wardrobe that I have been promising Dazzle for the last year and a half 😛 I did have a brief side project today. Prue (the trouble maker of the puppies) decided to stick her head through the disused cat-flap in the conservatory door. Only trouble was that the flap was locked and her hard (or thick, depending on your point of view) head shattered the cat-flap leaving a nice big hole on the door with a howling gale blowing through it. As I was contemplating boarding the flap up, it did occur to me, how useful it would be to have a “cat”-flap that was big enough for the dogs. So I’ve now removed the entire door panel that the cat-flap was in and replaced it with a panel that is split in half with a sliding doggie door. Training them to go in and out the open half was a breeze. The next stage, which I think will be very easy, as they almost have it already, is training them to open the door themselves when they want out. The REAL challenge will be training them to CLOSE it after themselves ❗ 😆 ❗

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