Hard to believe that I’ve been home for over a week already ❗ Of course, with it being Sunday afternoon before I got home, that was half of the first week of my leave gone before we started ❗ The rest of that week, and this one too, has flown in too. We’ve moved our bedroom furniture into the spare room, and we’re sleeping there, while we strip the master bedroom paintwork back to the natural wood. Once it’s all stripped, we’ll see if it will be okay to polish, or whether it will need a coat of varnish. Once the skirting boards, door, surrounds and window have been done, I can start work on the new built-in wardrobe. Dazzle has complained that she doesn’t have enough storage space for all the new clothes that she is going to need ❗ We had our Tai Chi class tonight, and that is the second one since I got back. I guess that was the signal that this leave is slipping past quickly. I’ll get to next weeks one, but the one after that, I’ll probably be off on my travels again by then. But if I can have the master bedroom cone before I go, that would be a real boost. 😆

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