My helicopter at 9am didn’t arrive so there was a later one at 1pm. It took me to the host platform where we had to wait for the regular crew-change copter. That helicopter took us to Boothville, where the ships agent was waiting to take Lyle and I to New Orleans. Because we were later than intended I had been booked into a hotel for the night instead of having to travel on home. I had a long phone call with Dazzle when I got to my room. It was so good to hear her voice after three weeks! I had hoped to go to Bourbon st. to see if I could hear some real New Orleans jazz, but by the time I had eaten, five days and nights of limited sleep had finally caught up with me and I had to have an early night. Perhaps next time I come through New Orleans I’ll get the chance to see more than just the airport and the hotel! My flights home had to be changed, and the level of booking meant that my flight left later in the evening. Not enough time to do anything, but a lot of time to kill.

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