Getting to the end of the trip now. Well, past the end actually, as I should have gone off the ship yesterday ❗ This is one trip that I won’t forget in a hurry, even though I’ll be trying my hardest 👿 My comment at the end of my last entry has turn out to be an understatement of massive proportions ❗ The rest of the guys that usually change out with me did get away yesterday, but I have stayed behind for a couple of days to get a good hand-over with my opposite number and with two service engineers who have also arrived on-board. It’s been a relatively short trip for me, only three weeks, but so much seems to have happened, or should that be, gone wrong ❓ Some of the things I’ve mentioned in previous postings, but the most recent was an equipment failure that had us scratching our heads, not to mention out of our beds, for the best part of two days. The final outcome, without going into too much detail, (or too many curses,) is that we knew what was wrong and despite all our scrounging and cannibalising we simply didn’t have a replacement part of high enough specification on the entire ship. Other departments on-board contributed what they had (after all, we are the first people that THEY come to when they have bother) but nothing was up to the job. Of course, being forewarned, the service engineer had exactly the right part with him when he arrived , so the problem was solved about 10 minutes after he got off the helicopter ❗ He also gave us a total insight as to WHY the part failed, which was most enlightening. And I don’t care that he had “Mr Lucky” written on his hard-hat, he wasn’t lucky, he was good. Thanks Lyle. 😉 Tomorrow morning I should get off the boat. A short hop in the helicopter to the platform and then another flight back to the beach. I should get picked up at the heliport and taken to New Orleans airport for my flight home. I haven’t had any flight details yet, so it’ll be interesting to see what route I’m going to end up travelling this time 😈

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