Almost two weeks since my last posting and I have to say that it hasn’t been the most productive time on the boat. Things went a bit wrong with the loadout, through no fault on the part of the people and equipment on the boat and we’ve spent almost a week waiting for a decision on what was going to happen. In the mean time we’ve crried on with other aspects of the mobilisation but it’s been a fairly frustrating time not knowing what the final outcome would be.

Anyway, late this afternoon, we got word that the ship will sail without some of the products that we we going to load on-board, and they will be sent down on another ship later. I should be heading back home to my Dazzle on monday (yippeee 😀 ) We’ll have a busy time of it at home with lots of things to get done and plans to make, and hopefully we’ll also have some interest generated in the sale of the house. It’s been a really long and busy trip, made longer by the fact that I haven’t been home for almost three and a half months. It’s been bad enough not seeing the pups for that time, but I certainly wouldn’t have managed it without having seen Dazzle for three weeks in the middle. Work wise, in the last part of the trip, we’ve had the off-loading of the Thunderhorse products in Florida, a transit across the atlantic (with loads of refit work not to mention no comms for most of it 👿 ) then a dry-dock period in Rotterdam with product trails, a transit to Newcastle and more product trails, a mobilisation and the aborted load-out of the Chinguetti flowlines. Yes, I’ll definately be glad to get home on monday 😆

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