When the ship finally reached the English channel, well at the narrowest point of the channel actually, we were able to get a cell phone signal. Speaking to Dazzle, she gaily informed me: “as I hadn’t heard from you for two weeks, I assumed that you were dead, so I put the house on the market”. 😯 My response, “so, I take it that we’re moving to Colorado sooner rather than later then?” 8) 😆 😆 laughter all round 😆 😆 Those who have followed Dazzle’s or my journal, will have gathered that we had formulated some long term plans for moving over to Colorado. We’ve always wanted our dream house in the wilderness ❗ The first step of the plan was acquiring some land that we liked, and this we managed to do in January ’04 when we visited the Canon City area in Colorado. (up until that point, we weren’t even decided on WHERE we wanted to be really!) The original view was that when I retired we could move over. Then, the more we talked about it, we decided that, especially with that way that I work all over the world, we didn’t have to wait until I retired, we could possibly do it in 5-7 years. Then, after visiting Colorado again in July, we revised again, not just the date but the overall plan, so that we could do it perhaps at the end of ’06 or the beginning of ’07. So now we have had another revision… if we can get what we want for our house here, and the estate agent seem very positive that we will, all being well we could be on our way in November. 8) COOL. 8) So, while I’m still on the boat, Dazzle is busy finding out about selling, moving and building. The house is officially on the market and should be in the real-estate agents website very shortly, and here’s hoping that we have a lot of interest from people with money burning a hole in their pockets! hahaha The boat is in Newcastle now, preparing for a project in Mauritania (West Africa) We’re busy loading flow-lines onto the ship and doing more modifications to the system at the same time, so it’s very busy here. I have at least a week to go before I’m due to get off the boat, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get some extra days work before it sails (all extra days gratefully received at the moment! haaha) Needless to say, the Morrison move has been the hottest topic on the boat for the last week or so, with even Ole, the Norwegian O.M. (the Big Boss on-board) telling me that he’s more than a little envious!

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