Again, it’s been a long, long time since my last posting. It has been a sad time, as my mother passed away suddenly last month. Thanks to people within the company and the client that we were working for I was able to get off the ship and back to the UK in time to visit her in hospital.

There was a very large turn out for her funeral service. A good friend of the family conducted the service, with a good deal of it in doric which was a nice touch. Emotionally it was a very hard time. I was in Buckie for 13 days which was the longest I’ve been there at one time for about  30 years.

Since then I’ve been back in Colorado. In the four weeks that I’ve been here we’ve had a very busy time getting the ranch ready for winter. Hard to concentrate on ‘winter’ work when the temperature is in the 90’s, like it has been still on the ranch on occasion.

The biggest jobs have been building a new chicken coop, and turning the old chicken coop into another part of the rabbitry. I’m sure there’s been lots of other little jobs, especially judging by my aching muscles!

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