Clothes Drier

Dazzle has shamed me into posting on my blog… such a long time since my last proper posting.
Hmmm, so much has happened. I guess, first off there was the un-planned excursion with the Land Rover. The less said about that the better. There have  been a couple of trips off-shore since then, the first entirely in Norway. The second, well, I went to Norway supposedly for four weeks. When I arrived however, I was told that it would be six weeks. Two weeks into the trip I was asked if I could go to Australia to attend some meetings for a project we have coming up there at the end of the year. So, off I went, via a short visit to Buckie, Aberdeen, London, Dubai to Perth Australia. A day in the office, three days of meetings. Now I filling in the day before departing from Perth at the crack of dawn tomorrow to head back to the ship, via Dubai, Frankfurt and Stavanger. The Australia jaunt has now broken up what was starting to look like a long trip.

Garden Area
Sprinklers on the New Garden Area

Last leave we got a lot done around the ranch. We got our little clothes drier up, we got a lot of the new ‘adult area’ sorted out – a little vegetable garden area with some nice seating where only certain dogs are allowed and only under express invitation! We even finally put up our humming bird feeders, something that has been on the ‘to-do’ list forever!

Humming Birds
Humming Birds at the new Feeder

So, next stop Norway, then around two weeks later, back in Colorado. This next leave could be my last one before winter sets in – I know, it’s 90 degF and we’re talking about winter – so there will be a lot of things to get done, most of which were on this years ‘Springs’ list, but have been over-taken by events.

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