After quite a long leave, where we got a lot done around the ranch, I’m now back on the ship. My last trip was a bit of a globe-trotting one and, although I think I’ll cover less actual distance, this trip will literally be a round the world journey.

Leaving Rosyth

I left Colorado and flew, via Germany to Norway. In Norway we mobilised the Cable Lay Carousel onto the deck of the ship and then Sailed to Newcastle in the north of England. There we spent a week loading three flexible pipelines on to the Carousel before sailing up to Rosyth in the Firth of Forth to load an Umbilical Cable. We left Rosyth on the 20th to start our journey to Singapore. Now, four days after leaving, we are sailing down the west coast of Portugal, two more days and we will be passed Gibraltar and into the Mediterranean Sea.

We’ve been making good progress so far, but it looks like fuel consumption may be too heavy to carry on at this speed. We may have to throttle back a bit, or else have to stop somewhere en-route to take on more fuel.

The Transit so Far

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