The boat sailed from New Orleans this evening. We’ve got about 6-8 hours sail down the Mississippi, then once we’re a bit out to sea they had to do 6 hours worth of trials. After that, it’s another 6 hours sail to the field. The weather is expected to be fairly bumpy! The back deck is in total darkness just now, as we’re sailing down the river, and it really is pitch black outside. We could see a thunderstorm in the distance as we left, but it doesn’t seem to be getting any closer and it’s not raining at the moment. Not that you would know it to see the guys, we’re absolutely soaking with sweat! It’s 1:30 in the morning and the temperature is 87f, and I think that this is the coolest it’s been since we got here! I seem to be continually tired at the moment. I did manage to get about seven hours sleep last night, but I think I must have been restless as I didn’t feel particularly refreshed when I got up. Getting a weary on now too! “Tonights” sleep is going to be broken too, as there is a boat drill at 1pm 🙁

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