I’m now in New Orleans, Louisiana. Friday was a long day. Up at 4:30, with the taxi picking me up at 5:15. My flight down to London was a nice short hop, but then we has a long flight from London to Houston. I can’t believe the price on our tickets.. glad I didn’t have to pay for it! £2,300!.. and on top of that, if you wanted any drinks on the flight you had to pay extra for them! Good job I was only drinking water! Haaha. At Houston we had to clear immigration and customs. I had been a bit worried about that as the last time I came through Houston for work we were delayed in immigration for about two hours. No problem this time though, straight through in only a few minutes. After that it was an even shorter flight from Houston to New Orleans where the hotel’s courtesy bus was there to take us straight to the hotel. We’re all staying at the Airport Holiday Inn Select, which is very nice. My room is on a balcony overlooking the indoor pool, but the receptionist did say that I have to use the stairs ❗ After we had an evening meal it was about 9:00 pm local time, meaning that we had been on the go for almost 24 hours. So it was a (relatively :!:) early night. In the morning there had been no messages to as what was happening with the ship so we took the opportunity to go to the local mall, not that far away, but too far to walk in the heat. We managed to persuade the driver of the hotels courtesy bus to take us there then pick us up when we wanted to come back. We did a bit of shopping. I got a nice shirt and a pair of short from the discounted rail (Dazzle would have been proud!). When we got back to the hotel, there was a message waiting to say that the ship had been delayed and wouldn’t be getting in till Sunday evening, but there would be a meeting in the hotel at noon on Sunday to give us all a Project Briefing. So I think a lazy evening may be in order, I may even manage to check out the pool (using the stairs, of course! Haaha) The rest of the crew should be arriving tonight also, so there we be some more British faces here.

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