The ship is almost on location to start some of the pre-lay work. We’re still having some communication difficulties on board. I checked with the satellite provider and they could see that there was lots of traffic on our network, particularly for three computers. The traffic was being generated by viruses on the machines so they have been “quarantined” from the network. Now our internet access seems to be back to normal, but our email servers are still unavailable as it would appear that the company has the same problem on some of their shore side computers! Hopefully the issue will be resolved by morning and we’ll be back to normal. Then I’ll have to disinfect the three computers on-board before they can be let loose on the network again. We’ve just spent an entertaining half-hour watching at least half a dozen dolphins chasing a school of flying fish that had been attracted by the lights of the ship. Including one particular kamikaze fish, that flew straight into the side of the boat then be caught while still stunned by an opportunistic dolphin ❗ Even better than the “Discovery” channel

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