Again, it’s been a busy few days. I finished working in the office (or at least, finished doing what I COULD do in the office!) then I had a two day course on “Safety Management.” It was quite an interesting course.. but it did tend to emphasis just HOW much legal responsibility anyone in a supervisory position has. I did have a very pleasant surprise while I was staying in the hotel during the course. I was in the bar having a meal on Wednesday evening, when a man came up and said “Charlie?, is that you?” The man was Robin Beckett. Robin was an offshore superintendent that I had worked with a lot in the past, until he had a very nasty accident on board a ship we were working on. That accident happened almost six years ago, and I hadn’t seen him since, what he described as, his “Significant Day”. People who didn’t know Robin have asked me what he was like.. I always used to tell them, “look up ‘gentleman’ in the dictionary.. if there isn’t a photo of Robin there, there SHOULD be!” It was wonderful to see him again after such a long time.

Back home it has been more work in the kitchen. It’s starting to take serious shape now, and hopefully it will be well on the way to completion before the end of the week. We did manage to test drive the new cooker yesterday, which was a lot of fun! Hahaa.

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