It’s been a while since my last journal entry and we seen to have packed a lot in during this last week. I’ve done a lot in preparation to our fitting of our new kitchen. Funny that that meant starting in the garage! I had to clear out the garage, rip out some existing shelves and cupboards to make space for fitting the washing machine and drier. Then I made a table for my mitre saw and a couple of supports. All of these were on castors so that they can be moved around, and the spaces under them can be used for storage of my other power tools. It’s the emptiest I think I’ve seen the garage since we moved in.. over a year and the car STILL hasn’t seen the inside of it! (One of my colleagues all ways used to joke about having thousands of pounds of car sitting in the driveway while you had a garage full of junk!) After the work in the garage we had to clear out the kitchen. Funny how, one of the main reasons that we’re re-doing the kitchen is that we didn’t have enough storage space, yet all the stuff from the kitchen is spread over three other rooms in the house at the moment! Even with all this going on we did manage to go to the movies three times, “X-Men 2”, “The Actors”, and “Matrix –Reloaded”, eat out more times than we should have, and take the puppy-dogs for long walks. At the moment, I’m back in Aberdeen, crashing out at my long-suffering buddy’s flat. I have to work in the office Monday and Tuesday, then I have a course on Wednesday and Thursday. It’s a bit of a pain having to do this now, but when I agreed to these dates we had been expecting to be a lot further on with the fitting of the new kitchen. As it is it will be almost done before I get back. I had hoped to be able the give our contractor a hand, mainly out of interest but also to try to get it done quicker, but problems with his scheduling have pushed the job back a bit. We should still have everything finished and back to normal before I have to go away again, which is good, I might even get a chance to test drive our new cooker, which is something I’m really looking forward.

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