Some more busy days working around the house. Then yesterday and today I was in Aberdeen for work, doing a bit of a familiarisation with a new peice of equipment that is being built for us. I suppose we did learn a few things, but there was more of a feeling that we were in the way most of the time. The company that are building it are still building it, and while we were there they were trying to iron out some of the software and control problems, so they really had enough on their plates without us asking them lots of stupid questions at the same time. I do know that had the roles been reversed, I don’t think I would have been too happy! Got back home again this evening to see how things had progressed with the kitchen while I was away. It’s looking good now, with just a few finishing touches to go. Dazzle has been making a little job list for me, for my last few days at home. I did get a bit of a pre-warning call from the office to say that the crew-change is still looking like wednesday next week, so only about five days left before I have to go again. 😥

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