Well, it’s tuesday night, and at this stage, this would probably be my last night before going away for another trip. But it looks like the crewchange has been delayed a bit. I’ve had no word from the office yet, but I did get an email from one of the guys who is on the ship at the moment. He was saying that the ship was waiting for weather and that they were expecting to be back in port on Friday. So I may get one or two extra days yet! The kitchen is officially finished… I say officially, as most of the work was completed on Sunday, but the rubbish skip with all the debris was only uplifted today (much to our entertainment!) so we’re calling THAT the end of operations! There still is one outstanding job, that I hope to get done tomorrow, and that is the fitting of some new lights. As well as the kitchen, I spent the day assembling a new multi-gym (mainly for Dazzle, but I may have a go myself 😆 ) The room that we were both using as an office, is now Dazzle’s office and gym, while my computer has been moved upstairs to my own little den. At the moment I’m having to run a telephone extension cable down the stairs, but I will get something a little more permanent installed, as well as a network link between the two rooms for handy file transfers! (Thats another little job that I may just get done if the crewchange IS delayed til friday!) The folks came out today for a short visit, allegedly to see us, but mainly to see the new kitchen 😆

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