I’m back on the Toisa Perseus now, and it certainly doesn’t feel like I’ve been away for four weeks! It’s been a really strange leave, it seems to have flown past, but when I look back at all that’s happened at home it seems hard to believe that it’s all been fitted in to four weeks. Not much has changed on-board… apart from the fact that we’re now, apparently working a five week rota instead of a four week one. This next five weeks is going to be a busy and hard trip I think. We will have two major mobilisations (the first one starting now) both with new pieces of kit or heavily revised ones. The mob at the moment has an older unit that has a completely new control system, that’s going to involve a fairly steep learning curve for us all in a very short space of time. I’m hoping that the new control system will work well, because if it delivers half of what is promised from it then we will be looking to implement a similar system on lots of other items of equipment. For any “techies” out there, it’s a “SCADA” (Supervisory Control And Data Aquisition) type system instead of a hard wired system. Lots of advantages from the diagnostic and trouble shooting point of view, as well as a lot less control cables to have to run in during mobilisations and potentially get damaged during operations. I’m still suffering a little today after Dazzle getting me to do some bench presses with her new gym on Wednesday. When I woke up this morning I could hardly reach to put my glasses on my face! Guess I must be really weak, so I probably need to do a bit more! The weather is terrible at the moment.. typical mobilisation weather, they must order the rain when they book the crane!

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