It seems like ages since I put an entry in my journal, I suppose it is almost a week (were did it go ❓ ). I’ve been busy “looking after” Dazzle, which is probably to say, fussing too much 😆 The neighbours have been really helpful, taking us to the store for shopping, and taking me to the Kennels to collect the dogs. Dazzle still isn’t up to driving yet but her progress has been steady. I did manage to tidy out the garage a bit, and we’ve had our new tumble dryer delivered. We’ve had an insurance assessor here to look at the water damage in the kitchen, so that’s something that may get sorted soon. Having the puppy dogs back has been great (at least for me 😉 ) Dazzle is still having to be very careful that they don’t jump all over her. My work has been on the phone, to see if I can come into the office for a few days. They wanted me in on Monday, but I told them that I’d see how Dazzle was then before committing to going back to work. Working in the office means staying over in Aberdeen, so Dazzle would be on her own. It would be different if I were able to get home every night, but with the travelling I’d have to do on top of a 10-12 hour day, it isn’t really practicable. We’re expecting the folks out for a visit today. So that is something for Dazzle to look forward too 😀 . She’s getting fed up with the in-activity at the moment, she did say that she never thought that she’d get bored with watching TV but it’s happened ❗

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