Well, a bit of a lazy day today. I did do one or two odd jobs around the house, but mostly a vegging day. Watched a couple of movies, made food, ate did dishes.. that sort of thing.. fairly typical Sunday really. I did get the new tumble dryer going in the garage. So Melisa got her favourite blanket from her Mom washed, dried and back, all in a couple of hours for a change ❗ I’m hoping that I can get motivated in the morning to try and do some more rearranging in the garage 😯 . In the afternoon, one of the neighbours is going to take us to the supermarket to do a bit of shopping as dazzle isn’t up to driving yet. I should really phone the office at some time… but I think I’ll try to put that off till later in the week. I should try to catch up on my work e-mails though 🙁

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