Well, we’re now back home, and Dazzle is managing to write her journal herself.. so there is the end of my “editor-in-charge” session ❗ The journey home wasn’t TOO traumatic.. I think the worst parts were the Taxi to Leeds airport and the actual touch-down in Aberdeen The house was pretty much as we left it a week ago.. apart from the squatter in the office. I haven’t seen Dazzle move so fast for a long time, never-mind in the last week. She’d opened the door to the office to be greeted by the flapping wings of a huge black bird before she slammed the door closed and went running up the hallway. I had to open the windows and try to shoo it out. It looked like a jackdaw than must have fallen down the chimney while attempting to make a nest… I’m guessing that (from the piles of poo everywhere) he was even more scared than Dazzle was. That’s about the only exciting thing that’s happened since we got home. We’ve spent the evening catching up on our respective e-mails and forums, even managed to get in an episode of “Enterprise” so now we’re caught up ready for tomorrows episode! I’m so glad to be back home and to have Dazzle here safely. Don’t think I realised until this afternoon just how worried I was about the journey and how it would affect her. I feel that today is the end of the first chapter – the operation, and the new chapter – The Recuperation, starts tomorrow.

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