Today was steps day and dietician day. In the morning Dazzle went for a walk with the Physio and tried getting up and down the stairs. This is something that she’ll have to manage by the time she gets home, as from the living room or the bedroom she’ll have to negotiate stairs to get to the bathroom. She did manage the stairs with out to much trouble, so that was good news but she’ll be practicing some more tomorrow. Just before lunch, the Dietician came round to speak to all Mr.P’s patients from this week. I think she had intended to talk to everybody individually, but as they were all congregated in one of the patient’s rooms anyway, she just had a group meeting there! One of the five patients was discharged late in the afternoon. He actually had his operation the day after Dazzle, but he was very fit prior to the operation and has made great progress since. It was a tiring day again for Dazzle. She was up all day and moving around a lot. I think she was feeling a bit of pain by the evening. Again, I think there has been overall improvement today and with two more nights in hospital and a full day there tomorrow Dazzle should be in good shape by the time we have to travel home on Sunday.

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