Today is ‘RDP’, Offshore workers abbreviation for “Run Down Period” The last couple of shifts where the main effort is trying to tidy up loose ends, take it a bit easier and ON NO ACCOUNT be sidelined into starting any new projects ❗ We’ve been on a bit of a North Sea tour since my last journal entry. We demobbed the last project, and since it was looking like the ship wouldn’t be doing anything for the week or so before the next project, we moved berths away from the dock yard at Dusavik and into Stavanger itself. That only lasted for a day or so, when they decided that the vessel could be used instead of a supply boat for some of the preparation work for not the next project but the one after. So we left Stavanger and sailed across to Newcastle. There we picked up some reels of product that we will be installing. From there we headed up to Rosyth to pick up another reel. We’re now on or way back to Stord in Norway where we will off-load the cargo before heading down to Dusavik where we will be starting the next mobilisation. We should be in Dusavik sometime on Monday. Whether we will get our crew-change on the Monday or the Tuesday will depend on what time we get there. For it to be tomorrow, we’ll have to be there late enough to give them time to organise flights, but not so late as we can’t get to the airport in time. If that fails then it will be home on Tuesday. Tomorrow is my birthday, and if I don’t get home then that will be my third birthday in a row on the boat 😥 Birthdays just don’t seem to have worked out for Dazzle and I as we never seem to be together on them ❗ I have cheered myself up a little by managing to complete, and submit, my tax return electronically. I should get a sizable rebate, and if last year is anything to go by, we could even have it in the bank by the end of the week, which would be un-believably cool 8)

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