Wow, has it really been 10 days since my last journal entry ❓ ❓ Well, as usual when there’s a long time between entries, there’s been a lot going on ❗ I can’t believe that I’ve only been home a week, when I look at what all we’ve done ❗ I’ve demolished the old wendy house that we used as the dogs kennel, dug over the ground and a friend has laid a concrete foundation and a couple of rows of blocks for the base of a new kennel. We’ve got all the timber and tomorrow I should be able to get started with the rest of the building. In the mean time, I’ve finally got the grass in the garden under some sort of control, at least for the time being ❗ In between all this, we’ve even had three days down to Leeds to see some surgeons for Dazzle. It was a rush visit, but on the monday we were able to take a little time out and spend some time wandering around the Roundhay area of Leeds, visiting the Roundhay park, ant the Tropical Gardens as well as having a very nice pub lunch. Of course, I’ve been trying to keep up with Dazzle in all her walks and swiming sessions too, though she did say that I could give the belly dancing a miss tomorrow (but, as I’m staying at home could I have supper ready for her when she gets back???!!!) Prue is getting close to her due date and she is HUGE ❗ The other bit of good news is that Mr Inland Revenue has been kind to us again, only four days this time ❗ I filed my tax return electronically on the sunday, and my tax rebate was in the bank account on the thursday. Now, that WAS cool ❗

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