10 days since my last journal entry, I’m slipping up again. So what all’s been going on ❓ Well, my thumb isn’t bothering me as much these days though I’m still gentle with it on the space bar ❗ The weather hasn’t been too good, and the project has gone even worse (but like I said before, we are having very little involvement with it directly) The ship is on its way back to port. All the project equipment is to be de-mob to go on another ship as our ship is going to be required on another project. I guess the next couple of days will be very busy with all that going on. Trip wise, I should be on the down-hill stretch now, with only 7-10 days to go. Looking forward to getting home to Dazzle and to see how my pregnant pups are doing. I have finally done an update to my web page. Not the best of updates, but I was begining to feel that if I didn’t get something up there soon, I never would! Dazzle’s site has been linked into two web-rings, and I’ve started a new web-ring, for Bob Ross painting. My site probably isn’t the best example of some of the stuff out there, but I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t at least ONE web-ring already, considering how popular he, his TV shows and his style of painting are. Will anyone else join it ❓ I hope so, but only time will tell ❗

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