I’m past my first week on-board the boat now, and so far the highlight (or should I say “lowlight” ❓ ) of the trip has been trying to fill in an accident report without the use of my left thumb ❗ (even more difficult when you happen to be a southpaw like me) Talk about feeling stupid. I got my thumb caught in the door jamb of the mechanical workshop. Ah wis neerly greetin! And all because I was giving the mechanic a hand.. did I get any sympathy, well, I might have if he could have stopped laughing ❗ Just joking, he did ask if I’d manage to stir my coffee, or if he’d have to do that for me for the rest of the trip. Still, it isn’t too bad, most of the swelling has gone down now and the nail still seems to be hanging on there. I can move the first join now but it’s still a little tender and to add insult to injury it’smy”spacebar”thumb. The ship is in the Ekofisk field in Norway at the moment and I think that this is the first time I’ve been here for about 16 or 17 years. Ironically enough the ship is doing similar work, just this time, I personally am having very little involvemetn with the project side of operations. In 1986 or 87 the company I was with did some work leveling the sea-bed with a dredger mounted on our trenching machine. This time the operation is clearing a pipeline using a dredge type device lowered by winch from the surface. (I think our one was cooler ❗ )

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