This is me, back on the boat again. 😥 This working for a living lark isn’t all it’s cracked up to be ❗ After the last long trip of almost six weeks, I only had 24 days off, and four of those I had work related things on with 3 days on the survival course and another day for my medical and Risk Assessment meeting in the office. I did have a full and busy leave, with lots done around the house. One thing I forgot to mention in my last journal entry is that I built a “whelping box” for Abbey. Prue already has her own cage so she’s happy with that. Abbey seems to be quite interested in her box, but the biggest problem looks like keeping Prue out of it ❗ I did finally get the painting stuff that I’d ordered but not soon enough to be able to do any thing with it before I left, so that’s one thing that I’m looking forward to doing when I get home next time. Dazzle has been using me for one of her case studies for her Indian Head Massage course, so it’s been very pleasant getting those done over the last couple of weeks. She did her last treatment on me in the morning before I left for the airport, so that had me nice and relaxed for my journey. Not much has changed on the boat, now that I’m back… except the weather ❗ We’re now in Norway again, so it’s much colder than the last trip down in the Gulf of Mexico. The project that the ship is about to do does not use the main part of our equipment, so we have a “skeleton” crew on-board, just the four of us instead of the usual eight. FUnny how we still seem to be busy doing things for the project when they said that they didn’t need technicians though ❗ One thing that I”ll be trying to do during the trip is see if I can get my tax return information together. If all the paper work comes together, I should be able to file my return electronically from the boat before I get off. When I did that last year (although I had to wait until a little later in the year) I recieved my tax rebate in about a week, which was great news. Today is also Dazzle’s birthday. And I’m away again 🙁 We can’t remember for sure, but we think that I have NEVER been home for her birthday since we have known each other. I do miss not being with her for these occasions. I posted a birthday card to her from the airport before I left, but it only occured to me afterwards that it was the easter weekend and there may not have been a collection. I hope there was and she gets the card today.

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