Well, Dazzle has been puting me to shame with back to back journal entries and I’m lucky to get 2 done in a leave 😆 This could be the last week at home.. hard to believe that it’s been almost three whole weeks that I’ve been back. Where did the time go ❓ Have I achieved anything ❓ Well, the time has gone, and I guess I have achieved some things. I’m “re-certified” for offshore.. four years for my survival and two years (now that I’m over 40 🙁 ) for my medical. We have mated two of the puppies (I guess I shouldn’t call them puppies anymore as they’ll soon be having their own ❗ ), so soon (with luck) we’ll hear the patter of tiny paws ❗ We’ve also managed to do some re-arranging and unpacking around the house. The result of which is that our bedroom (really the “spare room”) is now relativly uncluttered, our “library” is now clear of bags and boxes.. it’s even possible to sit there and browse our book collection ❗ My “office” actually has some floor space in it, and it’s not in-concievable that I could actually get around to doing some work in it before too long. I did order some paints, with the view to trying my hand again at some landscape painting. I had hoped that they would have arrived by now, but if they haven’t arrived tomorrow I should chase them up! All in all, I guess we HAVE achieved things this leave.. mind you, I’m still in no hurry to go back to work ❗ 😆 ❗ 😆

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