Well, ‘My Better Half’ has just called me to let me know that she won in court against the rogue builder who not only took us for loads of money, but also completely screwed up our land and dream house plan. I believe that the Judge, in summation, said: “From the preponderance of evidence, I have no doubt that you have been damage by far more than the $7500 that this court can award” This award, in conjunction with the previous case that she won, means that the builder now owes us $15,000. 🙄 Unfortunately even this figure is a drop in the ocean compared to what he has taken from others in the area. I have to say that I’m not going to hold my breath until we get the money (self asphyxiation just doesn’t appeal to me) but it is nice to get some sort of closure by having it on record and being vindicated in court. That being said, of course, I wouldn’t be disappointed if we DID get what he owes us 😆 What he did to us (and has done to other people too, by the way) has also had lasting ramifications with the POA for the sub-development as well, something that (as more recent events have unfolded) they now have no grounds to pursue, but so far that hasn’t stopped them either 👿

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