It’s the last day of my trip, and I should be getting a helicopter off the boat around lunchtime. After that it’s up to New Orleans for an overnight stay then a flight to Colorado on Friday. I’ll only have just over two weeks there this time as I have to go back to the UK for my Offshore Survival refresher course and my Offshore Medical. The medical I have to get done every two years, but thankfully the survival only has to be done every four years. Each time I do it I say that it’s the last time. So far I have been wrong, and I’m not going to say it this time as I can foresee the need to keep working offshore for more than the next four years! (Maybe only one more time after this one though! hahaa) It’ll be good to spent some time, back in Scotland, with my parents as I haven’t spent much time there at all over the last two years. I’m looking forward to it.

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