In the last “Our day in court” I mentioned how we had won again against the builder who fleeced us and destroyed our land. What I neglected to mention was that after the previous case we had won against him, he had to fill in “Interrogatories” a court ordered document that should give us the information that we needed to collect the money that he owed us. Of course he didn’t, and so we had filled a motion for contempt of court. The contempt hearing was on Thursday and, what a surprise, he didn’t turn up. The Judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest. We heard that he had been arrested on Saturday afternoon, but had posted bail by the evening and was out again. So, we’re none the wiser at the moment. Presumably he has been give another date to appear in court and if he doesn’t show then he will have lost his bail money and another warrant will be issued. None of which helps us collect the $16,000 dollars that he owes us of course. 👿

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