‘ve has a busy time since my last entry. I left Colorado and returned the the UK. I had a couple of days in Aberdeen to do my Offshore Survival Refresher course. (I’ve given up on saying that ‘this is the LAST time’!) Maybe ONE more, that’ll see me past fifty (scary thought!) Then, of course, I had to get my medical as well as the timing of it fits in with my survival course. I had a week in Buckie visiting with my parents. It was great to get caught up with everyone there again as it had been almost 11 months since I had been there last. Then I started the haul back to the ship. I’m currently still in New Orleans as our helicopter was canceled due to bad weather where the ship was. So it’s been a second night in the hotel, but at least this morning we have a more sensible pick up time of 10am, instead of the 5:30am that we had yesterday. In Colorado the builder that we had the law suits against has sold one of his properties yesterday, and had to pay off all the judgments against him. That meant that we are now $16,570 better off. The amount is still only a fraction of what he actually cost us, but at least now we have received not only a small financial compensation but a great deal of moral compensation for what he did to us and our land, not to mention the relationship damage that he caused between us and a number of other members of the community. (Ultimately, it was a direct result of his activities that has led to a great deal of the discord between our selves and the board of the Property Owners Association. On the subject of the Association, we also received notification recently that another of the board members (the Vice-President) has followed the Presidents lead and resigned (although the members of the association were only informed of this almost a month after the event)

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