Hmm, falling behind again, so not sure where to start 😯 I am back on the ship again, and have been for almost two weeks now. The first week was spend getting caught up on all the disasters that had happened while I was on leave, the second week getting sucked into another departments current disaster! The current disaster is that the ship has ‘lost’ one of it’s ROVs. Well, not really lost as we do know exactly where it is, it’s just somewhat inaccessible. A catastrophic mechanical failure of the final drive of it’s winch meant that the whole ROV and 3000m of umbilical went straight to the bottom of the ocean. This has put a crimp in the project schedule somewhat. At the moment we are attempting to recover the ROV, and the immediate work-scope will be totally dependent on what they (the ROV crew) find when it is returned to the deck of the ship.

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