It’s been a long night and it’s going to be a long day too. On-board the Perseus we’ve had a re-arrangement of crew-change schedules now that we have a better idea of how long the cable load-out at Halden is going to be, how long the transit to the Gulf of Mexico is going to be and who actually will have their visa’s in time. he net result is that I’m now going home today. Yipppeee!:) But only for two weeks 🙁 Then I’ll come back to the boat for two weeks again and leave it just before it sails. When I leave it next time, I’ll probably end up going straight to London from Norway, so that I can go to the US embassy there to get my visa. Then, four weeks later, I’ll fly over to New Orleans to join the ship when it arrives there. It will put a bit of a dent in our plans for all I wanted to get done THIS leave, but there will still be the leave before I have to go to the USA to try to get more done. So what with the “surprise” crew change, I’ve had a very busy night trying to get caught up on hand-over notes that I though I had a week to finish, plus all the other loose ends of the trip to pull together. I’ll probably be awake all day traveling too, so I’ll be real tired when I get home. If I can stay awake into the mid-evening I should get a good sleep and get back onto “real world” time quickly. The Perseus is still in dry-dock. The work should be finished tomorrow, and I do have some more photos of it, which I’ll have to put up on my web page soon. I actually have a couple of up-dates that I want to do, so I may get them done this leave, in between all the important jobs. 8) Good news on the Tax front. I got my seamans tax rebate back already! Five days from submitting my return electronically, the rebate was in our bank account. Now thats what I call a useful application of technology. Needless to say, all the money has been accounted for already 🙁 hahaha Looking forward to seeing Dazzle later today, and sleeping in my own bed tonight

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