The Perseus is in dry-dock in Haugesund, Norway having her 5 yearly maintenance. While that is on-going we’re commissioning and testing our new cable carousel system. Apart from the early discovery of wrong wiring due to two different drafts of the wiring schedule being use there have, so far, touch wood, been no major problems. But then we have been checking only the basic functions so far. There have been some long shifts and some and late nights (or even late mornings for us night owls!) Looking forward to getting home (even more that I did on the FIRST day back!) now. The trip is almost into single figures again, which is usually a landmark that lifts the spirits a bit. Doing the five weeks trip here seems really strange when you know that you’re (theoretically anyway) only a couple of hours flight from home. Lots of plans for things to do when I get home, in and around the house, but Dazzle is making sure that she schedules some “R and R” time too. She does look after me and I miss her so much when I’m away.

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