I can’t believe that it’s been a whole week since my last journal entry. Have I really been at home for seven days already? Looking back, we have been really busy and we have managed to get a lot done.. Still, the time has just flown by. With this leave only being two weeks instead of four or five, we’re now at the stage where we have to have a look at what all we wanted to do and start prioritising what we really NEED to do and what we CAN realistically get done in the next seven days. Lots of other planning too, especially as at the end of my next trip away, I may have to go straight to the US embassy in London to get my visa for the work we are doing in the gulf of Mexico. Off into Aberdeen again tomorrow to do some shopping and looking at things, we may even have to eat out again.. something that we seem to have done almost every day since I got back! Then on Sunday, we’re planning going to the open-air market in the morning and then the folks are coming out for a quick visit in the afternoon. So that’s most of the weekend planned already! Not to mention that I’ll have to slip a tape into the VCR as it’s the British GP on Sunday too! Hahaah

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