Well, it appears that I have been neglecting my Blog again, not, I hasten to add, intentionally! So what’s been happening? Well, I finished my leave out in Colorado. I had intended to return to Scotland for the last week of my leave, but a work course I was supposed to go on was cancelled, a few things came up on the ranch, and the final factor was a poor weather forecast leading me to believe that I may end up getting stranded anyway. So I elected to stay in Colorado, which allowed me to get all the siding finished on both the barn and the shed. That was a major accomplishment in it’s self, but we managed to get one or two other jobs done as well. Back on the ship, we’re still working in the Gulf of Mexico, sometime out of Mobile AL, and sometimes out of Fourchon LA. The current project is going quite well, but most of the talk on board, however, isn’t about the Gulf of Mexico, but of Nigeria where the ship is supposed to be heading in July for up to four months work.

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