Did you ever have a long conversation with someone and, once it was over and they were gone, realise that you’d actually forgotten to mention the reason that you wanted to speak to them in the first place? Happens to me all the time, and apparently not only in conversation, but when I’m writing my blog too. My last mammoth entry, though I hope entertaining, informative and a general ‘good read’, was not the reason that I logged in. I did actually log in for a bit of an update on work! I’m more than half way through the trip now (yahoo!, all down hill from here) thinking about home and job lists and other such stuff. The ship is in port just now, though we should be sailing in a few hours to go out to the Atlantis field. We have effectively been working on two projects for the last few months ‘ISG Independence Field’ and ‘BP Atlantis’. Both projects have had their own share of delays and difficulties so we’ve been switching between them to keep the ship busy and have as little impact on their overall schedules as possible. In that respect I think we’ve been pretty successful. Last time out in the field (ISG) we installed two umbilical cables (12km and 22km long) and installed a ‘christmas tree’ on one of their new oil wells, at over 2400m, it was in fact the deepest ever tree installation. Yet another record fall to the Perseus! We all just received t-shirts for the last bit of work that we did on the BP Thunder Horse. Nothing really unusual in that as we often get project t-shirts. These are dark blue with “Subsea Team, Safety First” on the sleeve and on the chest, above a pocket, they have the Thunder Horse logo (which is remarkably like the logo for the Denver Broncos!) and the rhyme: [b][i]”One Team, One Goal, Release the Horse, and let the Thunder Roll”[/i][/b] I’m trying to make up my mind if I think it’s cool, or really naff! More to the point though, the co-ordinator (my mate, Steve McD) gave me two of them as he likes to make sure I can take one home to “Mrs Chaz”, as he refers to Dazzle! PS ‘[i]Really Naff[/i]’ is winning at the moment. Or is it [b]SO[/b] Naff that it’s cool? 😕

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