Okay, so I’m back on the boat again. I did get almost 5 weeks leave (or rather 5 weeks off the boat ❗ which is not quite the same thing 😆 ) I had some days in the office and a course, then I had to come back a little earlier than planned to help out with the manning levels on the boat while the guys delt with a problem. The boat has just finished loading three umbilical cables in to the hold carousels, a load-out which has to have been one of the smoothest ones I can remember, and now the majority of the project personnel have left the ship and we’re down to a skeleton maintenance team for the transit back to New Orleans. The ship engineers only have to oversee the refuelling operations tonight and then we will be on our way. 21-26 days it should take us, depending on what december in the atlantic ocean throws at us weather wise and we should be back in the Gulf of Mexico. We should be there before Christmas, but there will be other things that may decide whether or not I make it back home to Scotland in time for Santa’s visit! We have quite a list of jobs to get done in the way of maintenance and modifications, one of which is a nice little software project for myself that I’m quite looking forward too. I’m trying to look on the bright side of the trip and try not to dwell on the things that I’ll miss by being away at this time of year. 😥

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