It’s almost half past november and a month since my last journal entry. Well, in that time I’ve finished the trip on the boat and had almost 3 weeks at home. I have had a few days working in the office and on-site and a course… just to keep my hand in and break up the leave ❗ 😆 Not that I really mind at the moment, as I’ve completed my contract days for the year, so these are all “double bubble” days ❗ Not sure yet when I’ll be going away again yet, but when I do go, it’ll be for a few days in Norway and then the transit with the vessel across the atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico. I seem to have spent a lot of time this leave being busy, but not achieving much (no change there, then ❗ ) I still have a lot of things to get done and don’t know if I’ll manage them. The weather has been horrible, and the garden looks like a quagmire.. needless to say that with seven dogs running round in it, the house seems to be in continual uproar too. Dazzle has been really busy with work and school, so I’ve spent a lot of time “puppy sitting”, though I have managed to help her with the design of new brochures and stuff for her business. I had hoped to get some painting done, and a revamp of the (pups in particular) web sites but haven’t managed to get round to that yet, especially as there are more pressing jobs around the house to be done yet.

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