The end is in sight for this trip now. We’re only a few days out from Fouchon LA, and preparations and plans are afoot for the journey home. Just the usual race to get ongoing projects wrapped up before we crew-change. It does look now like I will be home for Christmas, something that was a little doubtful at the start of the trip, although everything was being planned to try to ensure that the crew that worked Christmas last year would get it off this year (ohhh Err!) So I’ll be able to spend a few days admiring the Christmas tree before it comes down for another 12 months, though I’d guess that Dazzle must be sick of the sight of it by now, after insisting that I put it up before I left ❗ I think it must have been up a good two weeks before any of the others in the village πŸ˜† It’ll be good to get back home to Dazzle, I’ve missed her a lot this trip, especially as I was away for our 5th anniversary. Hmmm, now there’s a thought… I do believe that we have a bottle of champagne to drink, didn’t we save one that we got at our wedding reception and say that we would drink it for our 5th anniversary ❓ ❓ It’ll be good to see the puppy dogs again too, no doubt they’ve grown more since I’ve been gone, even Cinnamon is now over six months old. Prue and Abbey have had “birthdays” since I’ve been gone, 3 and 4 respectively, and Tessa will be 5 during this next leave. Off course, it is likely to be a short leave to get a stagger into the crew change, then back to the boat for a 5 week trip. So I guess we’ll have to do our best to cram a lot in and try to enjoy ourselves too. A long trip at the start of the years isn’t too bad (apart from the obvious of being away from Dazzle πŸ™ , which is, naturally the same at any time of the year) it does have the advantage that it gets a good start to the contract days, meaning that it should be easier to get extra days but the end of the year. It also looks like the year is shaping up to be one of further a field trips, which means more travel days too ❗ Oh well, here I go, not finished this year yet and planning the next πŸ˜† Well, I wonder how many more entries I’ll manage to get in before the year is out ❓ Maybe one more, then a “State of the Nation” one at the end ❓ πŸ˜†

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