A Happy New Year to all. Here we are, now in 2005. 2004 was a bit of a funny year.. funny “strange” that is, not funny “haha”. It seems to have been a very long year in some ways and a very short one in others (sometimes the feelings affect the same events.) If all this sounds nonsensical, let me exemplify. In January, Dazzle and I visited Colorado. Our visit there seems so long ago in some ways (like when we think about how we want to go back) and just yesterday in other ways, (like when we think about the things we did and how we can remember tiny details) I guess the Colorado trip was one of the highlights of the year. After all, we did become property owners there too. After the disaster with the garden wall, we have finally managed to buy the strip of land between our garden and the lane. (Dazzle had the title deeds in an envelope under the Christmas tree for me ❗ ) The other major event of the year was our family’s population explosion, with both Abbey and Prue having pups. Although it was difficult, we did manage to part with eight of the twelve surviving pups, keeping only 4 to add to our first three. People have asked Dazzle why she has 7 collies. to which she usually replies “because my husband won’t let me have 8!” It was good to be at home for Christmas and New Year, but I’ll soon be off on my travels again, heading out to New Orleans for another trip on the Perseus. There are quite a few things that were on my “to do” list, that have now been moved to my “to do” list for next leave! hahaha.

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