It’s the end of another month, three weeks of the trip down and two to go (well, two and a half by the time I actually get home 😕 ) It hasn’t been a bad trip, apart from the usual missing my Dazzle and the puppies, though I’m sure that the brochure never mentioned the weather that we’ve been having of late.. not what I expected from the Gulf of Mexico, even in January. Still, it’s (mainly) better that what they’ve been having at home, and certainly better than they’ve been getting in other parts of the US. (39 inches of snow in Massachusetts ❗ ) The poor state of the weather has hampered the vessels operations, but we have been able to carry on with our work-scope (no days off for us ❗ ) Still, the trip is wearing on, in more ways than one, and, as usual by this stage, I seem to be spending more and more time thinking about the job list for home rather than the job list for the boat.

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