It’s been a couple of days since I last made an entry.. so what’s been happening ❓ Well… I guess I’ve managed to get a few things done from my job list. Every job I do seems to lead to two more that need doing, so although I feel like I’ve been busy, the goal-posts keep moving ❗ This afternoon, we’re going into Aberdeen, do some shoppping, have a meal go to the movies and then my wife is going to abandon me ❗ Thursday and Friday, I’m going to be working in the office, so I’ll stay in Aberdeen overnight on the wednesday (to save me an early morning journey) and thursday. I did get a list of things that I’m supposed to be looking at while I’m in the office, and even the lady who phoned me said that it sounded like I’d need two weeks to do it all, not two days 🙄 Maybe I’ll have to do more days next week. I don’t mind doing office days now (within reason) as, with my position on the boat, I know that every day I spend in the office will be an extra day by the end of the year, so it’s all extra money– even if I don’t get it till November or December ❗

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