Spent the last two days working in the office. Don’t know if I accomplished all that much, but I did catch up on a lot of the goings on ❗ My wife (as you will know if you’ve been following her journal too 😆 ) is now going into hospital for an operation this Sunday, rather than the middle of April as we were expecting, so there is a great deal to get done and organised in a very short time. (holiday camp for the dogs for starters ❗ ) It sounds like I may have a slightly longer leave this time home, and when I do go back off-shore next time it will be on a 4 and 4 rota, which is all working out very cool with what’s happening at home ❗ I should get some time with Dazzle while she’s convalescing, and there will be work in the office (who knows, I might even be able to do some of it from home) if I need to get any extra days in. Sunday we’re off to Leeds, I’m guessing, for at least a week. If I take my notebook with us, we should be able to keep things updated while we’re there ❗

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