Saturday night. It’s been a long day. The dogs have been dropped off at the kennels. It seems really strange being able to walk from one end of the house to the other without at least ONE collie under your feet. I miss them. There are times, when I’m troubled by things, that it’s comforting just to sit with one (or more ❗ ) of them close to me or on my lap. They seem to understand that sometimes you just don’t want to talk about things. They don’t need any explanations, they’re happy just to be close to you. Abbey, in particular, seems to have a great deal of empathy for the people around her. I’ve started getting things looked out for travelling tomorrow. Thats not very difficult for me, as in many ways I’ve practically lived out of a kitbag for the last twenty (gasp, is it really THAT long ❓ ) years. I know that Dazzle will be in the best possible hands in these coming days, but that doesn’t stop me from being concerned.. I’m her husband, It’s my job 😆 … I have to be up-beat about the whole thing… I know it’s the best thing for her, she wants it, and she needs it, but there are risks involved, only a fool would deny that. Those risks, however small, do worry me. I love my wife, she is my life, it took me long enough to find her, so I don’t want to lose her now! 😆 I’m sure that everything will work out fine, she is in the best possible hands, hands that have a remarkable success rate, hands that can give her back a quality of life that she has missed for a long time. We shall be able to enjoy many things that are difficult or impossible for us at the moment, and in that respect, I am looking forward to the time ahead. It’s just the next few days that I hold in trepidation ❗ At this point, I do have to say, that if you only follow MY journal, and NOT Dazzle’s… not a great deal of all this will make any sense to you… so let that be a lesson to you ❗ :lol

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