Sunday 16th March 2003 A busy day today, tying up the loose ends for the next week before travelling down to Leeds. Tried to catch up on the laundry and all the dishes, emptied all the waste baskets in the house, not to mention my coffee machine (don’t want Java mutants roaming the house by the time we get back!) Had a last little spin round the garden. So many buds are on the edge of “popping” it’s going to look like a totally different garden by the time we get home next week. The flight was quite interesting.. although I’ve been on smaller aeroplanes (not to mention rougher flights 😕 ), the “puddle jumper” was a new experience for Dazzle (Must remember to tell her about some of our Lerwick crew-changes some time!). 18 seats.. and only six of us on the flight so there was plenty of room and it was all pretty informal! 😆 Dazzle is now settled in her room for the night with her surgery scheduled for 4pm monday, so I should have more news this time tomorrow. I’m back at my hotel and I must admit to feeling a bit more relaxed about the operation now that I’ve finally met Mr. P. I don’t think I had fully realised just how important it must have been to me to meet surgeon. But as all of you who have met him will know, his easy nature and quiet confidence very quickly puts you at ease. I’m off to bed now, to try to get some sleep. I can’t make up my mind if tonight will be the difficult night for sleep, or if tomorrow night will be worse. 😕

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